Facebook messenger depends on India to chart its growth path

Mark Zuckerberg in his keynote address at the F8 conference earlier this year indicated messenger to be a big bet for the company and four months down the lane, the company announce appointment of Anand Chandrasekaran ┬áin a strategic role in messenger app. While, the platform itself is struggling to find acceptance in the Chinese … Continue reading Facebook messenger depends on India to chart its growth path


Facebook acquires Msqrd

Facebook founder Mark today took a break from his coding project to announce that the Masquerade app is now joining Facebook family. For starters, Masquerade is an app on which can record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social networks. The app has … Continue reading Facebook acquires Msqrd

Messaging and more !

The messaging app giant, WhatsApp recently rolled out a feature to enable users share documents, along with images and location. For starters, the users will be able to share PDF documents only. Although there is no official announcement by the app, the feature is being rolled out directly to the users, in a staggered fashion. … Continue reading Messaging and more !