Everyone is talking about online reputation management. However the million dollar question still remains what are the metrics ? How do the CMO derive ROI from that investment he made in that huge digital listening center.

This blog aims at collating metrics which are relevant, which are tangible and most importantly actionable. Read on and comment your feedback.

Conversations with the customers :
If you are present on social media, you ought be be polite and courteous with your customers. The volume of positive conversations your brand has with the existing and prospective customers is one of the key metrics to maintain a healthy online reputation.

Negative mentions :
Negative is a word which does not exist in the dictionary of a online reputation management specialist. Whether it is a negative review of your product or an un-solicited review of your company by an disgruntled employee – keep them at bay. The number of negative mentions handled/reduced or removed is a key metric that you will need to follow for a healthy online reputation.

Response time :
It is important that you are fast, you are polite and you are transparent while addressing the query/concern or a complaint. The way you handle it sets he tonality of your brand. Be quick to respond and even more quick to resolve, it helps maintain a positive reputation.

While these metrics are for the starters, we will evolve this blog post with more metrics that we find important.

Featured image source: https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/p/2/005/00e/292/1a42923.jpgSource



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