The messaging app giant, WhatsApp recently rolled out a feature to enable users share documents, along with images and location. For starters, the users will be able to share PDF documents only.

Although there is no official announcement by the app, the feature is being rolled out directly to the users, in a staggered fashion. The feature has been enabled in the existing versions of the app.

The users can send the document by tapping the attachment icon on the chat screen of the group or an individual. The app also enables a preview of the document being shared. This preview gives information such as number of pages, size of the file and also file type.


This feature was eagerly awaited by the users who are ditching similar apps on other platforms such as apple and Blackberry. Earlier this year, WhatsApp had rolled out a feature to enhance the group chat members limit, which was accepted by the users with delight.

This feature comes at a time when Facebook is also working on enhancing its messenger app to function as a fill fledged e-commerce platform.

As an after thought, do you think the document sharing feature of WhatsApp will impact the security of the phone ?

What do you think ? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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