Facebook owned cross-platform mobile messaging app very recently released an updated version of its app. It now allows the users to add 256 members in a group for a group chat. This in our opinion is a massive release, especially after making it free for life.

For iOS operating system, the feature is available with version 2.12.13 of the app and Android users can enjoy the functionality with v2.12.367 and above.

Looks like the messaging app wants to increase the stickiness of the users. This is an update which many individual users may not have even noticed. However, business are a happier lot. The group admins now have a reason to smile – they can now sell to more number of people.

Looking at the negative side of it, the group conversations will now be more meaningless, and there is a higher possibility of spam.

WhatsApp Based advertising solutions are increasingly being used by marketeers. We see that this exponential increase in the use of the app is primarily because
1. a business can reach the Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers
2. the app supports multimedia
3. Blue tick feature ensures higher success rates

After all it is one of the fastest growing messaging platform. According to their blog, they have grown to a strong billion users platform in less than two years and the numbers continue to increase.

So what does it mean for digital marketeers ?

Hyper targeting !

For brands, the WhatsApp groups can be a great way to create finely segmented and precisely classified communities. This can be a great way to understand consumer behavior, test various forms of the product, release region/taste/choice specific content, and much more. . .

We would like you to join the conversation. Tell us what do you think about this new development.

Let us chat. Let us WhatsApp !


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