While the social media is abuzz with sentiments on how can the actor make a statement against ‘so called’ rising intolerance in the country, here is my take with a twist.

No, i’m not going to be judging actor’s statement !

Let us¬†understand what has happened –¬†Aamir was at a public ceremony and was responding to a very pointed question.

While responding he made two major points which can be good lessons for the companies and brands that are in the business of maintaining their reputation online.

1. Sense of justice :
Brands need to instill a sense of justice among their followers and well wishers.

Social conversations instilling confidence and building trust that the consumer is in the right hands will go a long way.

Flipkart for example does complete justice to its customers by offering excellent customer support through social media. Attributes such as response time, query resolution makes me give it a ‘Thumbs Up’.

2. Strong leadership
Leadership is always appreciated irrespective of industry, location, profession. Social media enables a large play ground for the brands to demonstrate leadership.

Considering the recent campaigns by Indian brands in India, my vote goes for @Uber_India and @Olacabs. While they may not earn those brownie points for their customer service, in my opiniuon they clearly demonstrated leadership by integrating social media in their deeds.

What could have been a viral message, turned out to be a fact when Ola actually deployed boats in the flood hit Chennai They definitely made up for all the technical goof-ups in the app and bad customer service by the drivers.

Nanhi Kali to gather donations was a very thoughtful campaign and saw a great amount of acceptance.


So my dear netizens, while there is a brouhaha about what Mr.Perfectionist said and how does our intolerance levels are depleting, let us take these lessons and make our brands look good.

Happy to hear your comments !


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